Boogers for Food?

One Sunday morning, after breakfast my brother introduced the family to this one of a kind food.  The name  I find kinda funny and to be honest?  It sounds  pretty gross to eat – Sundot Kulangot.  Which means poke boogers in English.  No they are not boogers (they look more like the earwax – eeewww).  We don’t eat boogers just to be clear.   I didn’t have much time to research why they call it THAT.  The delicacy came from Baguio City, Philippines.  Common sense tells me it must have gotten its name by how you eat it.  First, you release the nuts from the bamboo sticks.  Then you open the nut thingy.  Then inside you will see the kalamay hati the size of a booger as we speak.  Scoop it out using the bamboo stick like you would a booger with your little finger.  Then eat it!  Again we don’t eat boogers.  And I’m not being defensive.  It’s kinda gross, but I appreciate the effort and creativity of the food this presentation.  The good thing about it is that, you wouldn’t end up eating a lot of sweet like you would with a scoop of Kalamay Hati.  And It’s fun to eat!  Try Sundot Kulangot for a unique food experience.

sundot kulangot 2IMG_0006

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