Come and Dine to health

IMG_4567thessatorrillo Craving for something healthy to eat.  Finally I’m here for the second time.  The first experience I wasn’t able to post here obviously.  I was with my parents and my daughter, Yunah.  Dad told me about this place.  I got the chance to go after my unforgettable trip from Ilo-Ilo City (which I haven’t posted here, too. sorry), but that was before I started my blog.  Thanks for following me by the way. 🙂

the hotdog was not from here

the hotdog was not from here

This time I’ve got company from my company.  Well, not MY company.  Hey, the boss is with us in this group.

The table looked like we barely ate, but we went back to the office with loosened belts.  Aaaah great food.  So we have decided to come here regularly.

Japanese area

Japanese area

I had these and tacos (which haven’t taken a photo of because I was to hungry) One costs 30php only.  It has Cabbages and stuff.  ‘Tastes so good I forgot what it’s called.  I also tasted their Tokoyaki here.  It has squid though.  I prefer the one with just vegetables.

IMG_4569thessatorrilloThe red paper cups you saw on our table came from this corner.  Dad recommended this before, but I tried the juice from the Red Roselle instead.  This time I tried the fruity smoothie here and it made my day.  All that fiber made my tummy very happy.  Soooo yummy!

For dessert,  Turon nga Saging kag Langka (banana and jackfruit rolls).Healthy Fusion

Because we don’t have a lot of time anymore, not to mention the boss is with us.  Hi, boss 🙂 We had it to go.  That’s my officemate.  Ready to pay the lady.  We did not buy the whole bunch though just 10 of it. Only  6php a piece.  Very cheap and crunchy.

Tapul nga suman latik

Tapul nga suman latik

Don’t go home yet!  We have to try this dark chocolate colored sticky rice with coconut stuff.  This one you can have for dessert, too.  But since we already have dessert, we can have it for snacks at 3pm later.  We don’t like to eat.  Yeah…we don’t. lol  The veggies beside this tray is called Pinakbet.   A must try too if you’re not allergic to shrimp.  One of my favorites (anything with coconut milk)  for lunch along with rice and fish. Ummm..mmm! 😛

It's colorful.  It's cheap.  It's yummy.  Must try.  Next time.

It’s colorful. It’s cheap. It’s yummy. A Must try.

Dude, you just have to pass there when I’m taking a picture dontcha?  Oh well,  see you next time, man.  Will definitely try these (not the guy the ones on the chalk board) fo sho!  Ideal for merienda.  Perfect coolers for summer, too!  SUMMERRRR!


This was where I got my Red Roselle juice the first time I went here.  They have a wide variety of other herbs and coolers as well.  See?  Friendly staff.

IMG_4575thessatorrilloHave you tried the Watercress Salad here?  I love it!  Fresh and organic.  We got here later than the last time so I wasn’t able to have one today.  They ran out of Puto (ground rice with coconut milk) as well.  I was thinking of buying some for my daughter.  It’s her favorite.  Theirs is the best I’ve tasted so far.  It tastes real and old school.  Love that!  Nice smile granny! 😉

IMG_4576thessatorrilloSugar cane juice.  What our island (Negros) was known for until today.  Its history has inspired short films, plays and television novels (Ikaw Lamang abs-cbn channel). The family watches everynight. Hehe
Beside the stand is one of our local musician – Bagguer (I hope I spelled your name correctly, sir)  He can’t speak, but plays good music.  The oldies.  I like to listen to from time to time.  Reminds me of my good ‘ole fun, grandma.  She’s cool.  She lived and died beside  the beach (see my cover photo).  She visits us often way back aboard the bus (did I mention tough?)  until her late 70’s (RIP Lola Idad).

I wasn’t able to take a photo of all the food stalls there.  I’ll share some next time.  I hope you enjoyed it.  ‘Hope you could come and visit Negros Island. 

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