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My last song syndrome ♫♫ Kayang kayang kaya … kayang kayang kayaaaaah (kayang kaya means can do..) ♫♫♫

The first sentence you see means “In the Philippines, there’s a story in every smile”

I saw this video last night after the news during supper and it made me smile and appreciate my country. While the video is airing our family stopped and watched. It made us play the guessing game seeing the landmarks of the Philippine islands. It made me proud to be a Filipino. I realized I am blessed to be here. 3:45 – 3:53 is where I live by the way – Negros (short vowels) Island. The land of sugar where the people are sweet. 🙂 We used to eat sugar cane growing up when school is out. We would pull it out of the 10-wheeler trucks passing our street and peel it with our teeth, suck the juice out and spit it. (and I didn’t mean to imply anything. LOL) That’s how to “pang-os tubo.” Aaaah memories.  So far I’ve only been to a very few of the 7,107 islands. Such a shame, traveling will costs a lot if you’re earning in pesos.  For someone with limited means like me, it is good to see the beauty of your country through this.  But for those planning to visit, SUMMER IS HERE!  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!  Woooot!  Thanks to this television network and our local celebrities.  That’s a wrap! <bravo>

Credits to Abs-Cbn Network, my favorite tv network in the Philippines.  If you want to subscribe from abroad, visit

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