9 Days Before Summer

I just realized I started a countdown.   My goal from the start was to publish something once a week.  Now I have to keep up with it, posting day after day as the anticipation builds up.  But my pleasure.  I hope I won’t bore yah.  😉

<click play>

A little reggae now.  I saw this music video way before I heard it on the radio.   I love it when I listen to it, but I did not really like it a lot when I say it before (I won’t say I hate it ‘coz it starts to grow on me).   I must say, in my opinion, some music are way better heard than seen.  Maybe because the scenes did not match how I imagined it to be.  So I just close my eyes and listen while I imagine the beach, the waves and sea air with coconut water on the side.  Well, not really on purpose, I just see in my mind what’s happening while I listen to songs most of the time.  Music invokes creativity, inspiration, love and other stuff not to mention it sets the mood.  That of course depends upon the music or which genre affects you most.

Thoughts on the video (here I go with my unsolicited advice again. Sorry)

Dad’s, don’t be too strict, girls want to have fun.  The more you hold ’em back the more you’re pushing them away.  And don’t be judgmental, too.  Looks are deceiving.  There are people who look bad ass on the outside, but have big hearts.  Beware of those in coat and tie as well.  Did I mention looks are deceiving?  Sorry for the redundancy.  Still putting it out there anyway 😛

Guys, meet the folks half way.  They only want what’s best for their daughter.  They sacrificed a lot for her to grow up the way she is now.  Thanks to them, you liked her.  Or love her even.  You’d know what I’m talking about once you have your own.  You’ll be dads eventually, who knows?  You’re worst than her dad. Hmbwaahahahahaaaaahhhh!

Girls,  it sucks to be you right now.  You are the referee in this case.  You just have to use good judgment or the rest of your history will not be worth blogging.  Hehe ( just saying)  Know your worth.  A’ight?  Get to know the guy first, while you listen to the good advice of your folks.  If I may, they only want what’s best for you.  It ain’t easy raising a child, girl.  You’ll know when you have one.  So goodluck!

Anyway, 9 days before my official summer tra la laahh frolic frolic…

♫♫♫♫ why you gotta be so rude…. ♫♫♫♫…marry her anyway..♫♫♫

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