6 Days Before Summer

pocket journal

and thanks to more procrastination…well, what do you know? It’s Fridaaaaayyyy!!! How time flies.

As you can see I’ve been very busy I haven’t got time to catch up on my writing.  Since I can’t update my posts as much I I want to (no smartphone means no camera and internet),  I kept a little journal so I won’t miss remarkable details.  That didn’t seem to help <deep breath>  hehe <embarrassed>  Anyhow, It’s a pleasure to be here.  Hello everybody!  What’s up?  Another apology.  I promised you yesterday to update my post (7 Days Before Summer) <scroll down> I am sorry the photos are at home.  I was running late for work again today.  Although yesterday I was early, but that was only yesterday. LOL  Sorry boss.  You should fire me anytime soon so I could look for a better job. <hush>  I will not make promises again, but I promise the photos are just there.  So enough of that.  7 days before summer!  I can’t tell you the preparation I did earlier just go figure. 😛 2 checks on the checklist so far… how many more?  I am yet to find out most probably on the LAST  day before summer. haha See Yah!

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