Almost Perfect Sunday


Fish Tinola (ti-no’ la) for a rainy day

Enough about stressing with my vacation count down.  I hope it won’t get jinxed as I am expecting Aunt Flow to visit anytime soon.  I hope she won’t join me on my little getaway. The ladies know what I’m talking about 😉

As usual, I slept in today.  It’s Sunday.  Brunch was our first meal, but I’ll go ahead and say lunch anyway.  Yeah, I did the cooking.  This one is easy – Basic Fish Tinola. When buying fish, we don’tusually cut the head off and throw it away as it is perfect for our fish soup.  I’m not a fan of measuring ingredients so please pardon my recipe.  For those interested you may keep reading.

Okay now, all we need are:

1. Moringa leaves (as much as you prefer, I used a lot here like 3 cups)

2. Tomatoes (I used two here)

3. 1-2 Red onions

4. Ginger (thumb size flattened by a knife)

5.  Herbs (optional)

6. 1 whole Fish head if it’s a large fish (or 3 smaller slices like mine – medium sized fish, half head, 1 tail and 1 belly)

What to do:

1.  Put SALT (which I forgot to mention above. Sorry about that) on fish. Set aside

2.  Cut the tomatoes and onions into cubes (throw the seeds away unless of course you plan to plant it in your garden later, in which case set them aside.  Good habit by the way, keep it up – gardening).

3.  In a stew pot, or whatever you use for cooking soup, place the salted fish head, onions, tomatoes, ginger in there and put WATER (forgot to mention this again) just enough to cover the fish.

4.  Cover, then bring to a boil.  After boiling, put into low heat then flavor with salt, pepper and herbs.

5. Simmer until fish is cooked (you’ll just know it, but if not ask your, mom or spouse) Eh, around 5 -10 minutes.

6. FINALLY, put your Moringa leaves in.  Turn off flame and cover.  Prepare the table and serve soup while hot.  Best served with rice 😉

Whew!  That was easier done than said. I hope that was clear enough for you to try…  Bon Appetit

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