If I Had A Hammer

Browsing through, I encountered a question that touched the musings I had ever since I can remember.

If you could learn a trade, what skill would you love to have in your back pocket?

Carpentry.  Growing up, my brothers and I were left at home.  Both our parents are working to make ends meet.  My dad was (and still is)  fascinated with architecture.  We had a lot of home design and magazines on architecture lying around the house.  He designed the house we live in.  He likes to draw  floor plans a lot.  Sometimes when I wake up late at night he’s still on his “plans.”  He used to say “Only a fool doesn’t change his mind.”  And change his mind he did.  Our house is what it is because of his changed mind – a big maze.  (I am speaking metaphorically of course).  I can still remember the woodworking at our garage – our first six seater wooden dining table.  How it was assembled and polished.  How I played with its dust and debris.  Held a hammer and pound on a nail as if I was also a carpenter.  I was 7 then if I’m not mistaken.  I have pounded my fingers a couple of times or more and had blisters.  But it was all part of the fun.  I am now 34 going on 35.   Working with tools I can say I am good at.

Just one of his drawings :)

Just one of his drawings 🙂

I was going to say carpentry AND sewing.  But sewing is another story.  Back in the day,  an aunt (she says she was) came to live with us while she was in business.  She sells pillow cases.  We had a sewing machine (manual/electric operated) older than me.  She would buy her materials and cut out the patterns from her design and sew them.  It was the 90’s.  I didn’t know where she got her design, but her pillow cases had animal faces on them.  She made some for us (one for each sibling).  I had a green pillow case with a pig’s face.  It was a long time ago.  If I were to judge those now I wouldn’t like it as much as I did.  My mom started sewing by hand when she was in high school.  And continues to sew as we were growing up.  She would make us shorts and pajamas to wear at home.  She made me skirts from the remnants of the pillow cases and curtains she sew.  I would be her assistant the whole time.  Then I learned how to sew by observing.  I was 11.  That’s the first time I had THE Barbie Doll.  Everyone got theirs when they were still too young to keep Barbie’s head on its body.  When I got mine, I took really good care of it.  I made frail attempts to sew my Barbie’s wardrobe.  Technically, I’m not very good at sewing.  I never learned its ropes.  But if there’s one thing I’m good at for now?  Scissors.   Furniture designs and clothing come and go in my mind from time to time, but I could not express it.  I am yet to acquire deeper skills to do it.  As for now, they dwell in the limbo of my musings.  Eventually, I would be able to  feature some projects here.   I hope.


Our trusty ol’ Singer sewing machine. Just waiting for my collaboration. 😉

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Have a nice day!

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