Thought of you today…

(Background music: Say Something by Great Big World)

Dear            ,

Hi!  I thought of you today.  And yesterday.  Honestly, I thought of you since the day I met you.  And I don’t really care if I ever cross your mind  because I think, I don’t.  Just let me be.  I saw a picture of us yesterday.  We look great together.  It made me smile.  They say we do.  You make me smile (yes, I purposely said that the second time) and write stuff I don’t usually write (like now OMG).  You inspire me.  I’ll be happy with that.  If it meant making me a better version of myself and do things I’ve never done before.  I was grateful I met you.  Wherever you are, know this.  I swallow my tongue when you talk to me.  I could only wish I said more.  I am not stupid, nor clumsy.  You just make me nervous, that’s all.  Now I am learning how to communicate one day at a time.  Don’t be scared now, stay nice.  I don’t expect anything, but if I can expect anything from this.  Let it be friendship at the very least.  (Deep breath)  Dear blank.  You have no idea how tempting it is to say your name.  I just thought of you today.  This felt right I have to say.  🙂  Carry on.

Over the mountains and the seas

If I were a tree, this is me.  I stand alone.  Longing for another tree over the many mountains, islands and seas.  There you are!

Thank you for reading. 🙂  Have a nice day.

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