Writing Hiatus Ends with Chicken Tinola

I’m back, Finally!  A good family brunch is always an inspiration. Let me start with another recipe.  I did not cook this one though.  My mother did. She was at the kitchen making one of my favorite chicken dish – Tinolang Manok translated as… Chicken Tinola!

Hi, Serve me and Eat me hot.

Hi, Serve me and Eat me hot.


1. Chicken Slices salted and set aside (6 cuts in this recipe) meh, around 500g if I calculated that right. LOL (bad at Math here)

2.  5 cloves Garlic, 1 onion, 2 tomatoes

3. 1 stalk of lemon grass (please don’t uproot the whole thing from the ground just cut what you need that’s what I did).

4. 1 branch Moringa leaves (just kidding, but I actually did that) or 7 stalks or less depends on your preference (eat A LOT of green leafy. It’s good for you!)

5. 1 small green papaya (as big as a guy’s fist them body builder’s) I have no idea in grams forgive me. Peeled and sliced like the one on the photo (scrape out the seeds with a spoon and throw them away).

6. Salt and peppers to taste (optional: Cayenne pepper)

7. thumb size flattened Ginger (optional) for added flavor and health benefits 😉


1. Saute number 1 & 2 until 1 turned from pink to white. (lol sorry for messing with you). Drop the ginger before the next step.

2. Then add WATER! my goodness I forgot the water in the ingredients! Sorry. Add around 3 cups of water (or depends upon your preference). Bring to boil. (add the ginger on this part)

3. When water is boiling put in low heat add #5 (le papaya) and lemon grass simmer for 10mins or until papaya is tender.

4. Add the bell peppers and moringga simmer 5 mins.  Salt and peppers to taste. Yes peppers. (black and cayenne for me)

5. (Throw away the lemon grass at this point) then Serve with rice. Enjoy while hottt!

Let's eat! Enjoy your Filipino lunch the healthier way.

Let’s eat! Enjoy your Filipino lunch the healthier way.

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