Sunday The 13th

Aahhh… It’s been a long while.  Yesterday was an unforgettable one.  A good Sunday spent with the family always inspires me.  Allow me to share with you what happened.

Yesterday.  Sunday evening, after the family attended church, we asked ourselves what to prepare for dinner.  Everyone was hungry and could not wait, so we all agreed to eat out.  We head out the parking lot to have seafood for dinner nearby.  Dad said, “I don’t have much.”  Mom said she’s got it. YAY! off we go.  When we got there, the owner approached our truck and told us with a smile on his face that his place is doing general cleaning, in other words the store is closed.  Now where to?  Plan B let’s go to Masskara Chicken they also have Sinigang (hot sour soup) there.  There was only four of us –   Mom, Dad, kiddo and me.  Got there.  Settled.  Ordered chicken wings, neck (yes they serve that here), Manumbok (local name of a fatty fish with garlic and butter), Sinigang Nga Isda (because Pork is also an option for Sinigang), Plain rice for the kid and 1 extra, then 3 orders of garlic rice for us.  And oh, kiddo ordered Sago’t Gulaman for drinks, while the three of us we just had regular water.  While that was cooking, I  took photos of the folks for my contact photo because I have a new phone (like you would care right?Haha Whatev’s).  After awhile, dinner was served! Thanked the Lord then attack!  Obviously we were all very hungry and I have nothing to post here but this



Sorry about that.  When you dine out, it is great to be with seniors.  They have a card then you’d get a discount when you ask for the check.  “Wow was I full.  How about you guys?”  Time to pay the bill.  Dad took out his “senior card.”  That’s the one you see on the table right there.  Dad to mom, “Where’s your card?”  She started looking for it in her bag.  And said, “I don’t have it…(keeps looking).  I said , “Never mind it’s okay.  We have dad’s card, we still have a discount right?”  Then she was like, “HALA! (Uh-oh)” The camera zoomed in the background (Music: Suspense)  She froze with her mouth open and eyes wide saying,  “If I don’t have the card in my wallet, where is my wallet?” “No mom you did not..” I said.  Then we realized we were all in trouble.  Dad to us, “I am not going to wash the plates.” “How are we going to pay for all this?”  I said.  Then we all laughed. “What an unforgettable experience,”  Dad said.  We laughed again.

How to get out of the sticky situation?

Nobody knows, but us so just relax while someone's asking for help over the phone (now you know).  Keep doing that folks, I am having the time of my life laughing about this.  Picture perfect moment.

Nobody knows, but us Now you guys know ‘coz I told you so) so just relax while someone’s asking for help over the phone. Keep doing that folks, I am having the time of my life laughing about this. Such a picture perfect moment.

Step 1.  ACT COOL

First of all this is not the end of the world.  Keep in mind that you are in your hometown (If you’re lucky).  Stay calm like my Dad on this picture. Yeah… do the tooth pick move.


In this case, my brother who’s not with us but around town.  He’ll be here in no time  (or so we thought).  “The ATM where I’m at is offline and I don’t have any cash,” he said.  Keep looking bro..  Uh-oh. Now what do we do?  So Mom called again for the Nth time to tell ‘lil bro to hurry.  Yep, that’s the Nth time in the picture.  Dad still cool…


While we wait for the SURE rescue (on the way), why not have a cake to kill time?  We had Baba Cake.  And while you’re at it leave a slice for the person who will rescue you and say, “This is his favorite cake we should leave a slice for him. (wink wink)”  Then savor the dessert.  Remember, you’re waiting.  So eat slowly and let it melt in your mouth while you look like you’re enjoying every bite.

HMmm... nuff said.

Sing ♫ I DON’T CARE.. ♫♫ I LOVE IT!!! ♫♫♫ in your head and eat that cake like a boss! OH YEAH!!!

Step 4 Finally, PAY YOUR BILL!

We were done eating our own slice, but my brother hasn’t arrived yet.  Dad figured, “Why don’t we calculate what we ordered let’s see if my money fits.”  So Mom called out the price from the menu (discreetly) while Dad did the numbers on his phone.  Et Viola! JACKPOT!  Say “Check Please” with gusto! hahaha What a relief!

Then my brother arrived just in time to finish the last slice of the cake we left him. After all that trouble. Thanks but no thanks. LOL

We went home laughing about what happened back there.  When we arrived, I asked. What day is it today?  13.  Sunday the 13th.





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