A Poor Man’s Meal

Tinanok nga kamote (boiled sweet potato) a root crop and Lansang (what they call very small dried Tulakhang fish because it looks like small roof nails).

Poor Man's Meal

Poor Man’s Meal

I asked my mother why they call it Pagkaun Sang Mga Imol (local : food for poor people).   She just shrugged her shoulders and said, Ambot” ( I Don’t know)  Maybe because of its simplicity.  Maybe because this meal doesn’t cost as much as your restaurant food.  Maybe because it’s unglamorous.  It’s so simple.  You eat it hands on.  But I think this food is RICH.  Those sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.  The fish high in protein,too.  Google it for more information (sorry not being rude just lazy to enumerate them all here) hehehe.  Rich in taste if you like your food sweet and salty (reminds me of that Kettle Korn popcorn).  At least the sound of it not the taste per se.  Anyway, you get it! Sweet potato. Salted dried fish.  This meal could be breakfast, but usually here it’s great for an afternoon snack.  The reality though, this meal could also be breakfast, lunch and dinner for some if not most.  Then I realized it really is a poor man’s meal… (no pun intended).

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