What’s He Like?


Bacoloadiat Festival 2015. Bacolod City Celebrating Chinese New Year.

So… You asked, What is he like?
You want to know?
You don’t have a clue?
Here goes…

He likes dogs.
He loves music.
‘Creative in his own right.
He sees inspiration around him.
He appreciates art in any form.
He loves nature and be in it.
He knows how to slow down.
He treasures moments for they may not happen again.
He’s a collector of many things – interesting pieces vintage and stuff.
He sees problems and look for solutions.
He is always doing something.
His ‘me’ time is important.
Sometimes it’s best to leave him alone.
He likes coffee in the morning.
He enjoys one that’s freshly brewed.
He trusts my taste and seeks my advise
I’d like to believe I inspire him.
He appreciates me and wants me to be happy.
He takes me to places I want to be.
Experience is priceless he always say.
Thanks Dad! (Gotcha! Who do you think I was talking about?) haha
Anyway, It’s his birthday today.
Because now you’re a year older…
I pray for your health (and wealth)
May you always be happy and stay stronger today and everyday.
Happy 65th Birthday, Daddy!
Thank you for keeping our family safe and rich in life.
You are not perfect, but you always do your best. That’s the value you taught us… We love you and God bless!


Taken during our last family roadtrip. It was a hot and I don't have an umbrella. So.. yeah.

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