My First Sinulog de Kabankalan Experience

Day 1

I got a feeling.. that tonight’s gonna be a good night…that tonight’s gonna be a good night.. that tonight’s gonna be a good good night… (Did you just sing that part?)

I am excited to be in this trip! Thank you for everyone (you know who you are) who made this possible not just for me, but for everybody who will have this first time experience as well.  More power to you!


I got the best seat on the way to Kabankalan – behind the driver. Road trips are always fun for me. There are always interesting sights to see.


We got here just in time for the Mardi Gras parade


Welcome refreshments upon arrival at the bus terminal. Thanks boss.


From the bus terminal we went on foot toward the plaza. We passed by the Mardi Gras dancers on the streets of Kabankalan. A real treat for tourists and photographers. All those festive colors pump up the good vibes.


One of the floats for the parade – Carabao head. Out of the way!


This one is interesting. We usually see cars with lights and blasting sounds, but this is one of the many tricycle sound machines I have seen around here. This is new to me. Very creative!


Just when I thought I’ve seen what I need to see what they did on the tricycles… BAM! Top that!


WOAH! This one is obviously behind some pick up truck. Go big or go home, right? Reminds me of the show from MTV – Pimp My Ride.


Aaaand… this is me at the plaza. Gotta have a souvenir shot. Thank you to my office mate for taking my picture. ( I took hers also) 🙂


Moments after, the fireworks display started to officially open the Mardi Gras 2016! Wooo Hoooo!


I didn’t know that my office mate had a Balut stand at the Kabankalan plaza! LOL If you don’t know what Balut is, google it and see for yourselves 😉 I don’t give spoilers. We (most of us) love it here in the Philippines.


Meet Judy (the one with the red lipstick). She’s still single (*whispers* so am I). Just hanging out with legs here (whoever that is) after a long walk. I was just kidding about the Balut stand though. It’s not hers. We’re not from here.


Light saber for sale on the side walk?! How cool is that? The kid wants one. Sorry I was kidding again. That is a small light thingy that you launch with a rubber band and falls back spinning downward. You see that a lot being sold during fiestas like this. This shot is a pleasant coincidence.


I got to follow our Vice Governor to the stage. Thanks to the camera I was holding and the identical shirt I was wearing, I got to see the Mardi Gras dance competition up front.


Vice Governor Bong Lacson of Negros Occidental giving a speech on stage.


One of the contestants at the Mardi Gras dance competition. Unfortunately the camera I brought with me ran out of battery. This is one of the four participants I was able to take a photo of. The rest for that night I wasn’t very proud of so I won’t post it here. You won’t be able to appreciate in anyway. So… yeah.


The friends of VG Bong Lacson just outside the plaza.

After dinner, some of us went home while some stayed for the night. Tomorrow is a big day. Charge!

Day 2

Good morning! A lovely Sunday to all! The bus left our hometown – Bacolod City, 7 am in the morning. Perfect weather for the Sinulog festival.  When we got there the road was already closed, luckily we were escorted by a traffic policeman on a motorcycle to the bus terminal where we had our breakfast.  The street dance started right after our meal and ours is a perfect location to witness the festivities.  All the participants pass by the place where we sat to watch and we were able to take photos as much as we liked! With out sunscreen, hats and sunglasses on, we joined the fun!


First up. From the City of Smiles (my hometown) Bacolod City Masskara dancers!


From Cadiz City. Dinagsa Festival Dancers!


From Dumaguete City


From the ocean… big crabs! lol Sorry I wasn’t able to get their name.


These interesting people are from Mabinay.


Lovely butterflies from Pintaflores festival, led my their mother butterfly – Madam Butterfly! I like them wings.


From Thailand! not. These are Thai inspired costumes (I miss where they were from, I’m sorry). I have trouble concentrating with all the running around. I am not complaining. This is too much fun to watch. I’m sorry. Let me be. (see title of this post) lol


First butterflies and then bats? What else do we have here? Thank you batman for posing for the camera. Stay safe up there. You know you can’t fly.


This sounds interesting. another new thing for me. Sounds like you’re in the club. I recorded it, but unfortunately the sound did not came through because of the drumbeats.


Oooops! My bad.


These ladies are fascinating.  They were fast pacing towards me. They didn’t mind the heat of the sun. Look at those smiles!


At this point, we got our first “buling” for the day (first “buling” de Kabankalan for me). You come here, expect this. You will have no escape. They are everywhere. Just have fun!


Another tribe!



At the background: HAST-TAG convenience store. LOL The problem with verbal instruction is that, your ears fail will you sometimes. SMH


A guy doing some kind of Egyptian dance moves.  They were like 4 or six of them on these.


And last, but definitely not the least.. sorry I did not get the name of this tribe, but they are from Kabankalan City! Nice costume ladies.

During the parade, people would come and have their photos taken with our Vice Governor Bong Lacson.  When the parade was over, all of our friends gathered and I took their photo.  You will never see me in the big group picture, but it was fun to be the official photographer in this event.


Lunch after this. Thanks boss.

What to expect during Sinulog festival?

1. Black skin and body paint if you will.

We had our faces designed with neon colors


I like this photo. I love the colors. So much fun! This is John. The leader of our dancers joining us for an afternoon of merry making.

2. “Lamhitanay” smearing black soot or charcoal on everybody whether they like it or not.

You can run…..              but you can’t hide!

3. People in all shapes and sizes


4. Meeting new friends and old ones


5. Tired children who want to go home.


Mom, can we go home now? I don’t like my face.


Where are we?????  Who are all these people?????  What are they gonna do to us?????  I am scared…I want my mommy!


She’s not waving “hello”. She’s been patting those drums to keep herself awake. Poor baby Shiekah. We’ll go home after this, sweetheart.

  1. Teenagers who don’t want to go home.

Hey, isn’t he with those kids who want to go home? I figured they have the same shirt. They belong to the same group! LoL Goodluck with that.

  1. Overflowing drinks


  1. Annoying drunk person

Yeah you have to tilt your head. I did mention annoying right? hahaha

  1. Selfie sticks and go pro cameras


  1. And of course, just before you go home…more “Lamhitanay”

He was doing me. He got me real good. So I took his photo. If anyone of you recognize this guy (now that he doesn’t have soot on his face) around your area let me know! Okay? Riiight…


Now clean yourself up before going home you party animal, you. Use this chocolate colored soap everyone used already.  Now don’t you complain, you know what’s in store for you at this time of year.

Oh and before you return home, a “pasalubong” would be nice to bring to your loved ones.  Everything is here at Ceres Mart.  I got their “biscocho” my favorite.  You should also try their piyaya.

Special thanks to our boss and her family and friends for making this experience a memorable one.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

See you next fiesta!




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