Dinagsa sa Cadiz 2016

I was here nine years ago.   Yes, nine years ago.  I don’t go out that often.  The good thing about that is, you get to savor every moment because it might not happen again.  Every experience is like your first and your last. It’s that bad (in my case).  So I take every chance I’ve got.  For those who made this experience possible and the people that made it memorable (especially the free ice cream and allowing us to use your toilet). You know who you all are. Thank you so much!


Arrival 9 or 10 something A.M. Nice weather we’re having. Perfect!


The paint party has already started when we got there.  Excited much I see.


Latex paints mixed and diluted.  Sold at 5php per cup.


Drum beaters going around the city (while they still can).


I like your style! These guys are already dancing beside the stage with dj on the mix.


Festival Dancers.  I didn’t get to see all of them dance.  I wasn’t able to get inside the performance arena this time (maybe because of what I was wearing. lol)


So I stayed outside the perimeter fence and zoomed my camera to get a better look at this former celebrity turned politician (guy in white). Not bad.


And for those who’ve been waiting for a year to get close to your crush… today is the day.  Finally you can touch her and she can’t to anything about it. (Wait. Is that a bra?) 0.0


The see of people hence the term… wait for it…


… DINAGSA a.k.a. stampede.  I was just kidding. Dinagsa is a Hilagaynon term which came from the word dagsa which means to come in groups. Therefore, to save time we can just agree that stampede come close (you can google “Dinagasa Festival Cadiz City” if you like reading history). LOL


Excuse me. Coming through (you wish)! This is a every bad idea, unless you don’t care because you just want to fave fun and immerse yourself in the moment. Literally.


Immersed in the sea of people, paint and vehicles and body odor and sweat and fun. Whatever! hahaha




On the other side, business thrives. Inihaw.


Still on this side.  A thriving business…duh. Got paint? Fambam


Business 101 Don’t sell what you can’t consume. In this case, the man was just thirsty.  He is not actually drinking paint. Gotcha!


Who cares how much paint you got on? At the end of the day, you get to take a shower anyway.  One of life’s metaphors.


And no matter where life takes us (or in this case, throws at us), as long as we’re with the people that we love… we can go…


Home.  Going home is not a problem when you’ve got a friend who will give you a boost.  That’s what friends are for… In good times, and bad times…



Sorry.  I did not plan on finishing that song.  That’s the end of the day.  It’s a wrap!  Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope you have a sense of humor.  I hope you also learned something today, kids. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did making it.  See yah next time!

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